30 Day Writing Challenge – Day Thirty

30 Day Writing Challenge

So I saw the above list on Facebook and decided it was worth giving a go. Every day for the month of April, I’ll be putting together a short blog on the chosen topic. But of course since I have a life and responsibilities, I might have written it a few days in advance and scheduled it to appear on my blog for the right day! So, with that in mind, here’s today’s blog.

“30. One thing you’re excited for”

Ending this writing challenge…

Actually, since this is the last of the series, I can take that as read and actually tell you what I’m truly excited for.

The birth of my second child.

It’s the end of April now, and that means I’m two and a half months away from the due date. Clearly, we’ve done all of this before as we have a son who will be two and a half by time his younger sibling comes along. But it’s still an amazing journey to be taking again.

There’s certainly been different aspects so far. My wife is so much more tired this time round than during the first pregnancy, but that’s to be expected because this time she can’t rest as much as she could the first time – there’s a two year old who needs attention after all! I try to do my share, but being at work I can’t always do that.

There are other differences this time too. For instance, I can’t work out if this pregnancy is speeding along or not. We had a 4D scan last week and it was only then that I realised there was only 12 weeks left. That’s now 11 of course, but until that point it still seemed like it had been an absolute age since we found out that my wife was pregnant again. And, technically, November was ages ago! But in other ways it doesn’t seem that long ago, and yet the big day is fast approaching.

I’m really looking forward to that day though.

Yes, I know that a lot of hard work awaits. Harder work than first time because as much as it was a culture shock having to deal with a new born baby the first time, this time we need to deal with everything that entails whilst simultaneously keeping a two year old happy. We really don’t know how he’s going to react to another child in the house, but I hope it’s a positive reaction. He won’t be the centre of attention all the time, and that’s going to be a change for him. But I hope it’s one he can handle, and I hope it’s one he can embrace.

He loves to help out, and I can already imagine him running dirty nappies through to the bin or putting dirty clothes in the laundry basket in an effort to feel part of things. But then there’ll be feeding time when the baby needs full attention and we can’t run from room to room chasing each other as he loves to do. And of course the newborn is going to be sleeping a lot to begin with – or not sleeping as the case will undoubtedly be at all hours of the morning! How does a two year old deal with a screaming baby in the next room anyway?

It’s going to be a huge challenge, of that I have no doubt. But I also know it’s going to enhance all our lives even more. Being an older brother might just be the making of my son. Having a family of four instead of a family of three just feels that bit more complete. Yes, that’s not how everyone will look at it but to be honest a family of four just feels complete to me.

Which is weird because I grew up in a family of five and I was originally part of a family of three being the oldest!

I can’t explain it, it’s just a feeling I have that four is the right number for us. Three or five or even more might be the right number for others. Maybe just two is right for some. But four is what I want, and four is what I’m hopefully going to have soon enough – all healthy and all well.

And then there’s all the specifics about my new child that I can’t wait to see. What they look like, whether they’ll look more like me or their mum or how much they’ll look like their brother. I know parents are always biased when it comes to their own kids, but neither my wife nor I can quite comprehend how another kid could be as cute as the first! There’s other things we’ll find out soon enough too. Like what size will they be> Tiny, I know, but how tiny? My son was smaller than we expected, but that quickly changed. Maybe that will be different this time around.

There is one question we already know the answer to though. This time round we had a gender scan so we know the sex of the baby – but I’m saying nothing about that here!

And then there’s all the things that I still wonder about my son that now apply to the second child. How will they grow up, what paths might they take in their life, what likes and dislikes will they have… they all apply equally to my second child as they do my first. And of course I’ll have two children to try and guide through life as best I can instead of just one – an equally daunting and exciting challenge, one that I’ve had these last couple of years and one that will only increase further as time goes by.

I was really excited, and nervous, about being a father for the first time. That certainly hasn’t diminished with a second child. I don’t feel any more confident than the first time just because I’ve done it already – if anything I’m slightly worried I’ve forgotten things I learned in the early days! I’m regretting not writing them down at this point!

The truth is, having a second child is just as exciting and nerve wracking as the first time, but I hope you can see that there’s additional aspects that heighten both to a point even greater than the first time.


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