30 Day Writing Challenge – Day Sixteen

30 Day Writing Challenge

So I saw the above list on Facebook and decided it was worth giving a go. Every day for the month of April, I’ll be putting together a short blog on the chosen topic. But of course since I have a life and responsibilities, I might have written it a few days in advance and scheduled it to appear on my blog for the right day! So, with that in mind, here’s today’s blog.

“16. Bullet your entire day.”

Well today is Saturday, so this will be somewhat different from how it would have been had this been a week day.

  • Wake up around 7 to my son shouting on me
  • Get my son out of his cot and put him in the space in the bed I’ve just vacated
  • Get my son a cup of milk while he watches Paw Patrol
  • Make a cup of tea for my wife, if she’s not away to work
  • Jump in the shower quickly
  • Tell son not to put his toys in the shower with me and suggest he go drink his milk and watch Paw Patrol
  • Get out the shower, brush teeth, fix hair, get dressed
  • Check phone and realise time moves faster in the shower
  • Remember it’s Saturday and that doesn’t matter as much today
  • Spend ten minutes chatting to son about what he’s watching on TV
  • Make my son a breakfast of weetabix and/or toast with peanut butter if he’s really hungry
  • Clean him up from the mess of weetabix and peanut butter and get him ready for Gymboree
  • Spend most of Gymboree trying to convince him to join in with the other kids
  • Try to convince him watching is fine and no he can’t go play on things until the nice lady says so
  • Watch him happily queue with all other kids to get “Gymbo Stamps”
  • Get in car and realise it’s still only 10am

At this point the day widely varies depending on a number of factors.

  • Is mummy at work or are we going home to pick her up to do something else for the day?
  • Have we arranged to meet friends or family at soft play or even just for lunch?
  • Do we need to go shopping for anything in town or elsewhere?
  • Is there any football on that daddy would like to conveniently time an afternoon nap to match up with?
  • Is the weather nice that will let us go to the park or for a nice walk down at one of Ayrshire’s beaches?
  • Is the weather rubbish and so should we stay in or go do something indoors like visit the transport museum?

That’s just a few of the things that can occupy my Saturday. You’ll note they’re all pretty much based around either feeding my son or entertaining my son or trying to expertly time his nap so I can watch the football. That last one more often than not becomes listening to the football in the car while he sleeps in his seat.

But eventually we get to the evening.

  • Make dinner for my son
  • Briefly wish I had more ideas than just pasta
  • Watch as he enjoys the pasta so much I wonder how much a wee guy can actually eat
  • Contemplate bathing my son
  • Realise it’s actually later than I think and there’s no time for a bath
  • Get some milk for my son and put Fireman Sam on while he drinks it
  • Convince my son he’s watched enough as he protests “one more”
  • Take my son upstairs to brush his teeth and get into bed
  • Read my son a story
  • Read my son another story
  • Convince my son he’s had enough stories as he protests “one more”
  • Light off and downstairs wishing him a good night
  • Tidy up the bomb site that the house has become in the space of just one day
  • Make my own dinner of something really quick because I’m knackered
  • Eat dinner
  • Load dishwasher and turn it on
  • Collapse on the couch and watch whatever is on the planner or Netflix until bedtime
  • Go to bed later than I should because this is the only “me time” I get now
  • Read in bed for a while and think I should have gone to bed earlier as I promised myself I would with my New Year’s resolution
  • Fall asleep reading

Sometimes my wife is around as well, so when she is my son gets things like a bath and I get something to eat better than “whatever’s quick”.

It might be exhausting, but it’s good fun. I quite like Fireman Sam and Paw Patrol, and the bit in the middle that I couldn’t bullet is where the real fun happens. Who doesn’t love a trip to the transport museum or to the beach?!


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