30 Day Writing Challenge – Day Fifteen

30 Day Writing Challenge

So I saw the above list on Facebook and decided it was worth giving a go. Every day for the month of April, I’ll be putting together a short blog on the chosen topic. But of course since I have a life and responsibilities, I might have written it a few days in advance and scheduled it to appear on my blog for the right day! So, with that in mind, here’s today’s blog.

“15. Three pet peeves.”


I’m sick of things just being accepted as “the way things are” with “tradition” cited like some kind of excuse for doing it. If someone can’t justify doing something with anything other than “we’ve always done this” then it’s probably not worth doing – or at the very least could be done differently. Everything we do should always be questioned in an effort to improve ourselves not only as people but as a society and as a species.

Music snobs.

I don’t like the sounds you think I should? I like sounds you think are the wrong sounds? Oh I’m clearly an awful person and completely wrong then! Dara O’Briain puts this better than me, but ultimately music is one of the ways I express who I am. I’m not alone in that, and if everyone liked the same music the music would be boring. Get over yourself and just accept that some of us might actually enjoy listening to Coldplay.

The Offensive Behaviour at Football and Threatening Communications Act.

How many things wrong can you cram into one vote winning move? Let’s bring in an act that is purely subjective about what someone might be offended by – something you can’t possibly generalise because offence is taken not given and will vary from person to person. Let’s restrict that just to one specific sport so that the exact same action is a criminal offence in one situation but not another. Let’s tack on an aspect that everyone forgets about and which is a serious problem that I touched on in day one with regards to the keyboard warriors of the world. Let’s pretty much not use that aspect of the act whatsoever and just focus on the first bit. And let’s do all of that to deal with people that existing laws would have been able to deal with perfectly well. Then let’s give the police carte blanche to do what they want with this act, including bad guidance over what is and isn’t offensive, constant filming of supporters and performing dawn raids on people they’ve seen in the footage. All because in one football match about five years ago some players of one of the teams lost the plot a wee bit.


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