30 Day Writing Challenge – Day Ten

30 Day Writing Challenge

So I saw the above list on Facebook and decided it was worth giving a go. Every day for the month of April, I’ll be putting together a short blog on the chosen topic. But of course since I have a life and responsibilities, I might have written it a few days in advance and scheduled it to appear on my blog for the right day! So, with that in mind, here’s today’s blog.

“10. A fruit you dislike and why”

Some of these writing challenges are easier than others. I have a lot of thoughts on ageism, as you’ve no doubt read yesterday, but when it comes to which fruit I dislike and why it’s a bit of a struggle.

I’m not much of a fruit person as it is. I like bananas, I like green grapes while I’m not so fussed about red grapes, I like various kinds of melon, but after that I’m not all that fussed for fruit in general. No one fruit is disliked more than another because, generally, I just don’t like the taste of them.

I guess if I had to pick though, I’d say pineapple. Why pineapple? Because it’s one of the fruits that lives in my fridge due to the fact that other people in my house do like it. In fact, I’m the only one in my house that doesn’t.

There are other fruits in my house that I also don’t like, such as strawberries, but I at least like strawberry flavoured things at times. We have apples in the house as well, but I have almost not feeling about them at all. I’d probably eat an apple if it came to it, but it wouldn’t be my first choice. Pineapple, on the other hand, is just horrible no matter where it is.

Especially on pizza. I mean, come on, who puts fruit on a pizza?! The Hawaiians I suppose is the answer.

I don’t like the taste of pineapple, I don’t particularly like the smell of it, and even the texture isn’t exactly great. It’s a bit too soft and squidgy for my liking.


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