30 Day Writing Challenge – Day Seven

30 Day Writing Challenge

So I saw the above list on Facebook and decided it was worth giving a go. Every day for the month of April, I’ll be putting together a short blog on the chosen topic. But of course since I have a life and responsibilities, I might have written it a few days in advance and scheduled it to appear on my blog for the right day! So, with that in mind, here’s today’s blog.

“7. What tattoos you have and if they have meaning”

I have two, and they both have meaning. Or at least they did.

The first one I got was one I more or less designed myself. It’s a Thistle, with two flags behind it. One flag is the Polish flag, the other is the flag of the Republic of Ireland.

Its me, it’s who I am. I’ve never considered myself anything other than Scottish, and the thistle symbolises that. It’s at the forefront, with the flags in the background because although I’m Scottish I have a background that I’m proud of as well.

From the day I was born my Polish background was always going to be important in my life. Every time I give my name it’s obvious that it’s not from around here. No one ever seems to quite guess where it’s from because it doesn’t end in -ski, but it does raise the question of where it’s from a lot. I can’t say I’ve noticed anyone treat me differently because of it, at least not since I was at school where it was just one of many things that made me stand out and be a target for bullying.

The Irish side isn’t quite as prominent. Nothing about me says I’m of Irish descent, except perhaps the choice of football team that I choose to support. But even that came from my father’s side and not my mother’s! Nevertheless, I’m proud to have Irish roots and I recognise there are similarities between my two sides as both have fought against oppression… and like a drink!

So does the Scottish aspect as well right enough, but perhaps that doesn’t fight oppression quite as well. Far too simplistic, but that’s a blog for another day.

The other tattoo I have is one that seemed a good idea at the time. The guy who did both my tattoos happened to mention something about wanting to advertise in his shop window a tattoo with stars in the design but he didn’t have any. That sparked off an idea in my head. I’d been looking for another one to balance out my arms, and I’d been toying with getting one to recognise my love of football.

Combining those two, I ended up helping him out by getting the Champions League star ball design. At the time it was supposed to symbolise not only my love of football, but my love of truly top quality football. Nothing quite beats watching the best players up against each other, and at the time the Champions League did just that.

Of course, almost as soon as I got that second tattoo my team stopped qualifying for it for several years! I thought I’d jinxed them, but they’ve been in it since so that’s not so bad. Of far more concern than that is that the Champions League has become stale. More and more it is becoming about the money and the teams from the bigger leagues, and sadly less about the football and the merits you earn from playing the game itself.

The sad truth is that I don’t like the Champions League as I once did. It has become an advert for almost everything that is wrong with the game today.

But of course, I still have the tattoo. Do I regret getting it? Perhaps a little, but it seemed a good idea at the time. But I have it, and so I make the most of it. Now my star ball tattoo reminds me not only that I still love good football but also that things change. Even when you don’t want them to.

Except tattoos of course, you’re stuck with them!


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