The Force Awakens

So I have literally just walked out of the cinema at the end of The Force Awakens. I’m sure my thoughts on the movie will formulate over time as I finally get a chance to talk it over with friends and family in the coming days.

But what follows are my initial thoughts. Be warned HERE THERE BE SPOILERS!!!!

Anyone reading from this point forth, don’t say I didn’t warn you…

First off, it was nice to see the scroll including the words Episode VII. It’s not really been mentioned much, but that ensures its a continuation of the story. I’m happy with that.

The storyline of Luke being missing seems like a very interesting parallel with Yoda. Like his old master, Luke had failed and into exile he goes. If anything, Luke seems to have gone into hiding more out of shame than the way Yoda went into hiding until the time was right, but I rather suspect the clues to his whereabouts are there specifically so he’ll be found when the time is right.

That wasn’t the only parallel of course, but we’ll come back to that.

The story of Rey is going to be a very interesting one. As soon as she was cast in the role I’ve suspected she’s related to Padme Amidala in some way. She just looks like she’s been picked out as she bears a striking resemblance to Natalie Portman.

We still don’t know for sure what her back story is, but I’m sure we’ll find out in due course. All we know for now is that she was hidden away at a young age, and she’s been waiting for whoever hid her away to return. I’d need to see the flashback again in detail to know what that was all about, but it looks like she was at Luke’s academy before Kylo Ren turned. She may have had her memories wiped of it, or they’ve just been forgotten.

That reminds me though, one totally unanswered question is this – how did they get the lightsaber that used to be both Luke’s and Anakin’s? Last we saw that, Luke’s amputated hand was holding it as it tumbled away on Bespin! A story for another day as they said in the movie.

Another thought is that Han appears to know Rey’s story. The 1000 year old character whose name I can’t remember asked him and we cut away before he answered.

Finally on Rey, she’s clearly strong with the force, and I can’t wait to see how her and Luke interact in the coming movie. Or movies.

I like Finn. A stormtrooper whose conditioning didn’t take and now he wants to do the right thing. There should always be room in life for redemption, although I don’t think he’s in need of it. He doesn’t seem to have done anything wrong. Not like Kylo Ren anyway.

I’m coming to him, don’t worry!

Finn has potential, that’s all I really have to say about him.

I loved BB-8 though. Given how little R2-D2 we see in this movie, for reasons of plot of course, he more than made up for it. JJ Abrams nailed it giving him character in the way the original movies did with R2.

And while we’re talking about JJ, I have to credit him with a wonderfully visual movie. The battles were terrific, and he seems to have a thing about ships and water. There were several hallmarks I recognised from his Star Trek movies and that was one of them. Not so much lens flare though!

He does have a thing about blowing up planets though. Was that Corescant he wiped out? I thought they named a different system, but it looked like Corescant and they certainly suggested it was the Senate that got it. Considering JJ has wiped out Vulcan in Star Trek he’s clearly not scared to irrevocably alter the universe that movies are set in. Which brings me to this.

JJ Abrams is a brave, brave man to kill off Han Solo.

If you’ve read that and didn’t know already, then you were warned! I’m not apologising!

I say brave, but I respect him for it. If you’re going to kill off one of the iconic cinematic heroes in history, you have to do it right. Do it wrong, and I’ll write a four part blog about how I hate you and your whole movie.

See my review of Generations on this blog for more details.

But JJ did it right. Han dies trying to save his son from the dark side. There’s that old family aspect back in Star Wars once again. He does as Leia asks him to do, and you think maybe he will manage it.

Actually, I didn’t, I knew Han was dying the second he shouted “BEN!!!!” Nice nod to Kenobi there incidentally. Maybe I sensed a disturbance in the force, or maybe I just know what JJ is like these days.

I’m not going to pretend I’m happy about it. JJ just killed off one of my all time favourite characters after all! But Han is getting old, he’s went out as he should, and in doing so we now all have a new bad guy in Kylo Ren that we can despise.

Darth Maul and Count Dooku never quite hit the same heights as Darth Vader, but in Kylo Ren we have a great chance of that. To be honest, up until then I thought he was just a bit of a moody teenager. That moment, and hopefully his training that will come from Snark or whatever Gollum’s name in this was, will give us an iconic bad guy for a new generation.

I really hope it isn’t Snark, that was the doggy thing in Thundercats.

I’m kinda glad the Starkiller Base is gone though. If there was one aspect I didn’t like about this movie then it was that. It sucks power from the sun and then channels it into a weapon to fire at planets across space? I’m filing that with the red matter under B for bullshit. There’s always the need to suspend belief in movies like this, but I have my limits and that far exceeds them. The big planet destroying death star was fine. A big cannon built into a star draining planet? Come on.

I also thought that JJ went a bit over the top with the whole Nazi imagery. We already knew long ago that these stormtroopers, and even the clonetroopers before them, were based on the Nazis. But this movie hit you over the head with it. You may as well have called the First Order the Third Reich instead and be done with it.

As I suspected, John Williams nailed it once again with the music. I’ll listen to that on the way home no doubt! But like all the other movies before it, the music set the mood perfectly. We even heard a few old classics at just right the time.

I’m sure there are many aspects of the movie I haven’t covered here. I probably need to see it again to see what else I might pick up on, and I’m sure other thoughts will come to me in the coming days. But my initial reaction is a really good one, and I think we’ve got a classic to get the Star Wars BB-8 rolling once again.


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  1. It was star wars again. Bloody lost droids looking for their masters . Innocent characters going about there day finding said droids but we found out they are all part of the storyline .
    Deathstar attacked by xwing fighters and blown up. Brilliant how fucking original thats only happened in three of the last 4 movies in sequence,

    Grunt trooper guy able to almost match some kinda dark lord with a weapon hes only just picked up.

    Dark lord who just stopped a fucking laser bolt in mid air.

    Han was meant to die in Jedi but lucas changed his mind so it was no great surprise although id liked to have seen chewie go fucking nuts with his Gun that they made it clesr was very powerful

    Nope a wee very and nothing he didnt even hug Leia.

    Not happy Star Wars fan.

    Although it was better than the prequels

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