30 Day Challenges… Day 28

Lets see if I can get this finished this week…

“A Player That You Look At And Wonder How They Made It”

This could cover a multitude of players I’ve not liked over the years, but to be honest I know better.  I’ve played football enough myself to know what while I think I might be good enough playing with some people, it doesn’t take much to be completely outclassed by someone else.  I’ve played with people who have played at Junior level in Scotland (a level below the professionals in the Scottish leagues but still good enough that they feature in the Scottish Cup these days) and they’re embarrassingly better without trying.  When they do try though, that’s not exactly good enough for the professionals.  So I know better than to say “dunno why he made it” when I know they could make me look very silly without trying.

So I’m not going there with this one, even though I’ve probably said it about Celtic defenders who can’t header a ball any more than five yards (oh how I miss Bobo Balde’s headed clearances to half way), Rangers players that can’t shoot and run over the touchline with the ball (SEBO!) and assorted other players in England and across the richer leagues where you wonder why someone would pay them any money at all let alone the silly numbers they get.


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