30 Day Challenges… Day 24

“A Manager That You Want To Speak At Your Funeral”

Jordan Larsson.

Well, assuming I can’t say Neil Lennon again for fear of repeating myself, it’s rather a struggle to think of one. Mainly because I’m still of the age where no football manager is younger than me and I’d like to think that when my time comes I will be an old man! So lets assume Henrik’s son becomes a player and then a manager. He can tell us about how life at Celtic – the club the deceased loved so much – was when his old man was there, and then when he went there. He would then go on to tell of the time when he met me in the player’s lounge following his hat trick in the Champions League final for Celtic, going one better than his dad managed in his time.

Well I can dream.

If I were to die tomorrow though, I’d want Neil to speak at it. Sorry, this entry seems a bit pointless to be honest!


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