30 Day Challenges… Day 22

“A Game You’d Love To Play In”

For all I hate the build up to it, I hate all the nonsense that surrounds it, I hate half the teams involved in it… I’d love to play in a Glasgow derby. I think every Celtic fan would. I think every Rangers fan would too. I’m fairly sure at one time or another we’ve all had that same dream.

The game’s tied and time is running out. It’s away from home so three of the four stands are singing their hatred at you. You pick up the ball on the half way line and turn to beat your marker. Another defender comes across to cut you off, but you nutmeg him and go round him. Another one comes across and tries to kick your heels, but you see him coming and jump out of the way, still in control of the ball. The keeper is all you have left to beat now as the defenders try to scramble back. He comes rushing out and you spot your opportunity… you chip the ball over his head. For an instant, it looks like you might have hit it too hard but it drops just in time, giving the crossbar a little kiss as it bounces over the goal line and hits the back of the net.

The three noisy stands are silenced as a wall of sound erupts from the remaining stand housing the away support – your support. You wheel away from the the distraught goalkeeper and run towards them, arms outstretched in triumph. They’re reaching over the barrier wanting to hug you and you dive in with them. Your teammates catch up with you and half hug you, half pull you back onto the pitch. The referee runs over and books you for over-celebrating because that’s what those spoilsports do. Eventually, the opposition take centre and the second they do the referee blows for full time. You’ve just scored the winner, spoiling the weekend for half of Glasgow and delighting the other half. You know people are going into work on the Monday morning to wind up their mates from the other side of the divide. But before then there are songs to be sung and pints to be drunk. Maybe when you’re finished you’ll even join them for a pint yourself.

There’s no better feeling than when this kind of thing happens. It makes all the build up, all the nonsense, worth putting up with.


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