30 Day Challenges… Day 20

“A Player You’d Love To Punch When You’re Angry”

Really?! You mean other than the aforementioned El Hadji Diouf or Craig Burley?

Rangers have a nasty habit of signing the kind of player you can’t help but hate. For as long as I can remember they’ve had someone that just annoys you. I’m not sure it’s even because they’re the rivals of my team – fairly sure I’d want to punch them even if they didn’t play for Rangers. Although I’d probably see them less.

The current incumbent – although sometimes there’s more than one – has to be Kyle Lafferty. Here’s a player whose ability level makes it questionable as to whether he should be at a club like Rangers, yet his attitude is what makes him something of a cult hero. For one, he playacts. If you square up to him, odds on he’s going down as if you’ve headbutted him. He’s done in up against more than one Celtic player. He’s quite a dirty player – there’s been a few challenges against Celtic where he has… escaped the required punishment shall we say.

He’s never scored against Celtic, but when they last won at Celtic Park he was the last Rangers player to touch the ball before a Celtic defender knocked the ball into his own net. What does he do? Runs off as if he was the one that scored it, cupping his hands to his ears to to taunt the Celtic fans. Funny how such actions were fine in that game yet when Neil Lennon did the same in response to the abuse Rangers fans had been giving him all game they were suddenly offended. Can’t say I was offended when Lafferty was doing it, I just question how a big douche bag like him thinks he’s worthy.

I’m fine with taunts. I remember Richard Gough running off holding up ten fingers after scoring against us in their attempt to get ten in a row. He’d at least earned the right to taunt. But Lafferty is a fanny of the highest order. It’s rare that people talk about him having a good game – most will tell you what stupid incident he has got involved in that week. Even on the odd occasion he actually scores, he does a stupid robot dance like he’s Peter Crouch. The only thing he has in common with Peter Crouch is the lanky look.

Two thirds of the way through this… at least the final ten are mainly positive ones.


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