30 Day Challenges… Day 19

“A Favourite Football Chant”

I’ve always loved the singing at football matches. Celtic have a long and varied selection to choose from, some of which are accepted by some more than others. There’s a great debate about how political we should be, and I’m not going into that one here. It tends to be quite polar and very few will change their mind over the debate.

Either way, it’s the songs relating to the football itself that I love more than anything. Some chants stick in your heads at particular times, others only work the once. The inspiration of chants to coincide with events taking place there and then is an art I have never mastered, but I have joined in on a few. One I particularly remember came at a Kilmarnock away game. Celtic were winning by quite a few goals on this day and one opposition supporter had caught the imagination of the away support due to his attire. He had turned up with a maroon pullover with a union flag on the front of it. Seems more like something a Hearts fan would wear, but here he was at Kilmarnock.

It started simple. “We want your jumper!” came the chant from the Celtic fans. Then, when the goals started coming it changed to, “Jumper, what’s the score, Jumper jumper what’s the score?!”

One of those moments where it was hilarious at the time, but you probably had to be there.

The Green Brigade are pretty good at adapting songs for them moment. They have been a revelation this season. Okay, a lot of what they do they have taken from our European friends at St Pauli, but they have adapted it to suit us. I was never a fan of them to start with – they seemed to cause more trouble than they were worth – but something changed in the group at the start of this season. Less trouble, more atmosphere, and I’ve been behind them all the way.

They’re also responsible for what is likely to be the defining chant on the 2010/11 season. Depeche Mode’s “Just Can’t Get Enough” has spread throughout many clubs in Britain, but it’s Celtic where it started. It’s brilliantly simple and catchy. The club has even taken it to heart and released merchandise emblazoned with it, they play it when we score a goal at home, and they’ve even used it for the season ticket renewals!

The only real concern is it may become a stick we’re hit with depending on how the final few games of the season go. But until we know for sure, it’s still a chant we’ll be associating with a wild ride, and some great performances.


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