30 Day Challenges… Day 18

“A Player You Wished Your Club Had Signed”

As I said yesterday, Celtic get linked with lots of players. Some realistic, others not so realistic. We’ve signed good and we’ve signed bad. It’s hard to single out any that were properly linked that might have come but didn’t, and while I could easily say something ridiculous like “Lionel Messi” that would never happen, I think I’ll go for the one signing that we were linked with that would have been an absolute hoot in Scotland.

Rod Fanni.

Our defence has been a shambles for a while. We’ve never really strengthened it in years. But at one point under Gordon Strachan we were linked with this Frenchman who was playing at Rennes at the time. He’s since gone on to play for Marseille and has even played for his country a few times. He’s a decent defender and would have been a decent signing for Celtic.

But to be honest, I wanted him for his name. Having a guy called Fanni in your team would be great. For those that don’t know, a fanny in Scotland is one of two things – an idiot (possibly a ned idiot) or a vagina. So for one, the commentators would probably try and avoid saying his name, just as they did when we had Rafael Scheidt. Headline writers would probably have a field day trying to get things past their editors though.

Better still, Celtic had some other interesting defenders at the time. Bobo Balde was at centre back along with Darren O’Dea (pronounced oh-day) who sometimes played full back. Throw in Lee Naylor as another full back and it wasn’t all that inconceivable that Celtic could have had an absolutely epic back four of “Naylor-Balde-Fanni-O’Dea”. That’s not a back four, that’s an instruction!

So yeah, I’ve gone for comedy here today. Sorry about that, but it still cracks me up!


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