30 Day Challenges… Day 17

“A Player Your Team Are Constantly Linked To”

Celtic have been linked with plenty of players – that’s pretty much a hobby for the Scottish media. If it’s not us, it’s Rangers. Their favourite thing is when they get one that’s linked with both of us and then they get to run it for days that we’re trying to outbid each other. More often than not they make it up. But there are some names that come up at pretty much every transfer window, and one stands out more than most.

Robbie Keane.

It used to be a joke that he’d get linked with us. Keane seems to change team every six to twelve months. If he doesn’t, he’s unhappy where he is and looking to move so gets linked with a move. In the summer of 2008 he went from Spurs to Liverpool. Then in the very next transfer window he moved back again. He would get linked with us in pretty much every transfer window but never move. Most laughed it off because he’s on silly wages in the English Premier League compared to what we would pay in Scotland.

Then, in January 2010, he was once more linked with a move away from Spurs. It never came about and he looked set for another few months at Spurs. But then, on the final day of the transfer window, news broke that he was heading up to Glasgow. Some of us thought “boy who cried wolf” at first, but then it came through that he really was coming. It was only a short term loan, but it was finally going to happen.

Of course, it didn’t help. The 2009/10 season was awful for Celtic. Keane was possibly one of the few highlights for us. He scored some great goals, and quite a few of them at that, but we all knew he was heading back to England when it was over. It seemed a bit of a waste. Of course, he was briefly linked to stay with us, but we had better things to do with the money it would cost.

January 2011 and he was away on loan from Spurs again – this time to West Ham. Another brief link with us before moving there of course! But he moved early this time, so no deadline day stories. Mind you, if West Ham get relegated as they might well do, I won’t be surprised if he’s once more linked with Celtic in the summer.


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