30 Day Challenges… Day 5

Day 5 is “A Match That Reminds You Of Someone”. I’m going for my second choice on this one because my first one involving the missus is being saved for a later date!

I’ve met an amazing amount of great people thanks to football. Mainly Celtic fans admittedly because that’s my team, but that’s not a bad thing in my eyes! But most games remind me of the person I would go to games with most; the person who introduced me to going to the games in the first place. My dad.

It all started back in the summer of 1990. Having watched the Scottish Cup final in the back garden on a portable black and White TV, a week later he was taking me to my first game. Fittingly, it involved the two national teams I’d associate with that side of my family – Scotland and Poland.

It was a warm up match for Scotland before they went off to the world cup in Italy. So although it wasn’t a meaningful game, there was something to play for as far as the players were concerned. Poland hadn’t qualified, but as two of the Polish players also played for Celtic there was some home interest in them.

I can still close my eyes and remember what Hampden looked like when I first saw it. My dad took me to the traditional Celtic end so I can remember the blazing sunshine on us as there was no roof above us and the stand to our left that had the press box on top of it that looked like it would slide off at any moment. It looks nothing like that any more!

I don’t remember much about the game. I couldn’t tell you who scored for Scotland without looking it up, but I do remember Poland’s goal came from Gary Gillespie heading the ball back to where he thought Andy Goram was… only to find he wasn’t there and the ball ended up in the net! The game finished 1-1 but it’s the whole experience I remember more. Standing there, wanting to sit on one of barriers and being told no, the programme that we bought that had Richard Gough on the front of it… The whole thing hooked me in.

It would be years before I was a regular at football matches, but this is where it all began. All thanks to my dad.


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