Been a while since I used this, so I figured it was time to start it up again as I’m suffering serious withdrawl symptoms at the moment and need SOMETHING I can rant on.  Facebook’s okay, but it still annoys me with it’s crap setup, it’s constant tweaking of permissions and all sorts of other wee annoying things that mean it’s not as good as it used to be. I once read a quote from someone that said “Facebook is who you were at school with, Twitter is who you WISH you were at school with”. So true.

Fact is, I had to pull back on Twitter and go cold turkey. It’s just SO addictive. You can find out ANYTHING on there. You can follow comedians and they’ll tweet jokes, you can follow news outlets and you’ll get breaking news, you can follow rumour accounts and get the latest Celtic rumours, you can follow some just great people and have some great banter with them. Not only that, but you can tweet your most mundane thoughts on what you’re watching on the telly to something that just popped into your head when someone said it. That tweet just might tell someone something they didn’t know, or give them a good laugh for the right or wrong reasons. You can literally lose hours on there.

There’s the problem. I WAS losing hours on there. I was tweeting at work, I was tweeting when I got home from work. I was spending a good half an hour before work reading all the tweets that had been tweeted since I’d gone to bed. I was sitting watching the telly at night with my phone almost constantly in my hand. This just wasn’t a health situation to be in. And annoyingly it wasn’t the first time I’d been in that situation. I once had the same issue with a Celtic message board and the only way I could deal with it was to go cold turkey and not go on it at all. I did that for a while, but eventually I went back and it wasn’t the same. I no longer felt like I needed to be on it all the time. I wasn’t getting an engaged as I had been previously and so I was free of the addiction. I’m sorta hoping Twitter will be the same. I haven’t closed my account down, I just removed all my apps from my phone and stopped going to the site.

That sounds easy enough, but a lot of people would struggle. I’m surprisingly good at self-control actually. A good example. When I was younger I used to have quite a bad nail biting problem. Then one new year I decided that would be the year I’d stop biting my nails. And I just did. I dunno how I managed it, but I stopped. Now, I won’t say I NEVER bite my nails. Truth is, now I’m just too lazy to cut them, they grow to a stupid length for a guy and I actually end up breaking them cos I can be quite a fidget! Then I’ll end up biting off the broken one and filing it down with my teeth. I know, it’s still a horrible habit, but who’s perfect?

So here I am. It’s been two weeks since I last tweeted and I haven’t even been on the site since. I’ve done okay so far, but then I can’t say I’m cured of my addiction either. I’m still at the stage where half the interesting things I think my first instinct is “I’d like to tweet that”. And then I think “nah, can’t do that, maybe I’ll put it on Facebook”. And then I remember Facebook kinda sucks and I’ll not bother. Some things end up on there, but a lot doesn’t. So I’m on the right road. What I really miss about Twitter though is being first to know things. Quitting Twitter a couple of days before transfer deadline day was torture. I had no idea who we were linked with, if anyone. Turned out there wasn’t much to know, but at the time I wasn’t to know that. That’s what Twitter brings you – instant access to news. It’s a great tool.

That’s where I need to get to. To know it’s a great tool, but not the be all and end all. That not every almost funny or slightly interesting thought I have needs to be seen by the world. That the real world, not the Twitter world, is where I live. Maybe when I get to that point I can return to Twitter.

And the irony of this? I’m fairly sure this blog is still hooked up to my Twitter account. By clicking publish I might just be posting on Twitter too! I think I’ll call that a grey area and just move on. After all, my blogs are posted by others on Twitter. This blog software is just one of those “others” posting on my behalf. Or maybe I’ll just not think too much about it.


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I rant. On twitter, at work, on message boards... well, now I rant here too.

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  1. You are missed, Kris. I hope you change your mind and get back to tweeting soon. 🙂

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