You Wouldn’t Steal A Car!!!

There’s a very good reason I wouldn’t steal a car.  In fact, there’s a few.  Firstly, it’s far too much hassle.  There are easier things to do than break in, hope there’s no alarm, somehow start it without keys, and get away without being caught.  Pfft, who can be bothered with that?  Secondly, I’m depriving someone of something they probably need.  That’s just plain arsey.  Third, it’s illegal.  Yes, I’m putting that third because lots of stupid things are illegal.  This may not be stupid, but my morals and my laziness kinda push this down to third anyway.

It’s the same with a handbag.  Depriving someone of something they need, high liklihood of having to run away once you’ve nicked it and you might get caught by the person whose handbag it is.  Far too much hassle.

Stealing a movie on the other hand… well, lets face it, I wouldn’t go into a shop and nick the DVD.  Same reason as the above.  But when you can download the movie it’s a whole other kettle of fish.  Are you depriving someone of something they need?  Do the big companies need money?!  The stars of the movies?!  Not a chance in hell, they’ve more money than some countries.  What about the person you’re downloading from?  Nope, it’s a copy.  As far as I can see, you’re not depriving anyone of anything.

So what about the hassle?  Well, as you can tell I’m online now.  Sure it’s probably easier going into a shop and buying the DVD, but then you’re depriving yourself of money you might need more than you need the DVD.  Downloading it is sometimes just a click away, wait a few hours, and then watch it. Dead easy.  So are they level on the hassle?

Well, no.  I saw this image earlier today proving that not only is it easy to steal the movie, it’s actually FAR less annoying.  I got it from here: but the important bit is this:

Can you be bothered with the hassle?!

To be honest, I don’t download these days.  I don’t leave computers running all day when I’m at work, so it would actually be a hassle for me.  But I watched Couples Retreat on Blu-ray last weekend and the chart above isn’t far off what I experienced.  Trailer after trailer, warning after warning, “look how shiny we” are after “look how shiny we are”.  The movie itself was a disappointment and there’s a wee bit of me wondering “was it how long it took to get started that put me off?”  Maybe I should download it and watch it again…

And in case you’re wondering why I started off with the car and handbag stuff, one of the warnings we get in the UK basically makes that point.  You won’t steal a car, you wouldn’t steal a handbag, would you steal a movie? If you download, that’s what you’re doing!

Tell you what, I WOULD download a car….


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