A New Dawn

So… welcome to yet another blog attempt by me.

Once upon a time I was an angsty teenager who was kidding on he wasn’t.  Even when I was too old to technically be a teenager I was still an angsty teenager.  Man I sucked back then.  You see, I’ve done this before.  I was on OpenDiary for a while.  I was on LiveJournal too.  I think you can still google me on LiveJournal actually.  But back then I was very much writing about me, my life, and all the stupid things that would happen to me.  I chucked it after 2004.  Partly because my life that year was incredibly weird, partly because I was writing about other people too and they didn’t like it.  But mainly because I just wasn’t that interesting.  I’ve had a couple of false start attempts at blogs since then, but nothing much has come of them.  I’ve not really thought of a good use for them.

And then, on day, I signed up to Twitter.  Now, originally I was against it.  I knew from past experiences I wasn’t that interesting.  I’m still not that interesting to be honest, but I found other things that were good about Twitter.  Chatting to folk I’ve never met who happen to have similar interests.  Celebrity stalking.  Well, that can suck a lot, but occasionally you get some good, interesting celebrities that are worth following.  It’s also a great place for breaking news and just finding stuff out.  I’m keeping up with what NASA are up to better now than I ever have in the past for instance.  That’s brilliant for a geek like me!

The problem I’ve found with Twitter though, is the 140 character limit.  Now, for the most part, that’s good.  It makes you think about what you’re posting.  But as anyone who knows me knows, I like a good rant.  So 14o characters just isn’t enough.  And that is where this blog comes in.  Sometimes I’ll rant about things that are awesome.  Other times I’ll rant about stuff that really gets my goat.  It’s more likely to be the latter to be honest, but you’ll come to see that.

So that’s the introduction.  If I start blethering on about my life too much, this may come to an abrupt end.  I don’t want it turning into another phase of my OpenDiary/LiveJournal angsty teenage stage.  I may forget this is here entirely and it may end up going the way of the “I can’t be arsed” phase.  We’ll see how it goes this time.


About Krys

I rant. On twitter, at work, on message boards... well, now I rant here too.

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  1. You were always a better writer than me, and good at ranting! Based on your recent tweets, I think you’re ready for this, unlike OD and LJ!

    Good luck!!

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